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Constitutional Affairs and Basic Law Studies


Strengthen the research and education on the Basic Law in Hong Kong, and comprehensively enhance citizens' deep understanding of the Basic Law and the principle of "One Country, Two Systems". In terms of research, the foundation will systematically conduct research on the Basic Law, "One Country, Two Systems", constitutional development, social governance, and mainland-Hong Kong relations in a professional and neutral role. On the one hand, it will sort out and study the legal basis of the Basic Law, and on the other hand, it will provide practical solutions for the public and the government through research on social attitudes and current situations. In terms of education, the foundation will provide comprehensive and accurate Basic Law education services to schools, various social organizations, the government, and the 18 districts of Hong Kong with professional knowledge and experience, and share the research results of the foundation.


Program of Peace and Rule of Law Studies



有見及此,基金會開展《和平與衝突研究項目》(Program of Peace and Conflict Studies)。這是一項跨學科的研究領域,一方面主力研究衝突的因由,從多角度分析群體激進化的成因、過程;另一方面旨在研究如何以和平手段預防和解決衝突及暴力激進化問題,從而提出解決方法及政策建議。

Since the beginning of the anti-extradition bill protests in 2019, Hong Kong society has faced unprecedented challenges, with various ideologies still in turmoil, leading to severe polarization and division. 


In response to this, the foundation has launched the "Program of Peace and Rule of Law Studies," an interdisciplinary research and education project. On the one hand, it focuses on studying the causes of conflicts, analyzing the radicalization of groups from multiple perspectives and processes. On the other hand, it aims to study how to prevent and resolve conflicts and violent radicalization through peaceful means, thereby proposing solutions and policy recommendations.


The Belt and Road Initiative & Silk Road Research Studies


The Belt and Road Initiative & Silk Road Research Studies  is a project focused on studying the Belt and Road Initiative, a global infrastructure and development strategy proposed by the Chinese government. This program aims to provide insights into the opportunities and challenges posed by the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as explore ways to maximize its potential benefits for all participating countries. Through research, analysis, and collaboration, this program seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the Belt and Road Initiative and its impact on the world.

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