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Young People and The Belt And Road (Foundation Sponsored and Support)


Young People and the Belt and Road is a joint effort by over 40 young people across 20 countries to tell their stories about the future of Central and Eastern Europe, China, and the Belt and Road Initiative.

In 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative, which envisions a world with better development, better connectivity, and better cooperation was launched in Kazakhstan. As a global, multi-generational vision, the Belt and Road Initiative will primarily benefit the young people of the world today. To ensure the success f the initiative, their voices need to be heard. This is particularly urgent as little systematic work has been done to encourage the participation of young people. In this book, young authors from 16 Central and Eastern European nations share insights about their countries. For the Belt and Road Initiative, Central and Eastern Europe plays a critical role in linking together Western Europe, Northern Europe, Central Asia, and East Asia. Each Chapter focuses on a single country in the region. Based on the complex historical background and present realities of their respective countries, the authors present their cases of the potential obstacles and opportunities and provide their suggestions for change.

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