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  • 推廣《基本法》教育及研究;

  • 支持「一國兩制」、《基本法》、內地及香港關係、憲法及政府社區治理的相關題目;

  • 推動海外、內地及香港之間的《基本法》研究事項;

  • 提供支持《基本法》教育及研究等相關的活動。


Basic Law Foundation is a non-profit and non-government think tank that specializes in providing high-quality research and educational services regarding the development of Hong Kong Rule of Law, Basic Law, and Constitutional system. According to the article of association,  our aims are

  • Promoting research and education regarding the Hong Kong Basic Law;

  • supporting research projects regarding One Country Two Systems, the Basic Law, Hong Kong-and-mainland China relations, and public governance;

  • supporting research projects in Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas; 

  • providing support to Basic Law research and education programs.

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